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Surf Lessons at Blind Dog Inn

Our surf camp is for everybody from totally beginners until intermediate surfers ready for good time. Our priorities are safety and fun so you don’t need to worry about a thing! The lessons are held by our partner Rip Curl School of Surf, which is located 10 minutes away from the accommodation. You will choose the package according to your surf level (1-3) and you will get the best results on your surfing while enjoying the island vibes!

Fun, Sun, and Surf!

Surfing is a sport that originated in Polynesia, and developed in Hawaii. Now the sport has spread to all corners of the world and is a popular way to have fun and lose yourself in the beautiful nature. Our surf camp is designed to bring you the joy of riding the ocean and getting you stoked from surf. At the camp you can relax and meet people from all across the globe.

Level 1 - Beginner

This course is tailored to those that have never surfed before, or are still early beginners. Completing this course will teach you how to stand on a white water and small waves, ocean safety and paddling technique.

Level 2 - Advanced Beginner

Learn to surf reef break waves, surf it’s face before it breaks into white water waves, and master the art of turning from left to right, and right to left.  Completing this course will teach you how to ride waist high waves without assistance.

Level 3 - Intermediate

Unleash your full potential, and push the limits of your surfing skills to the next level. Perfect your ability to catch large head high waves, and surf through them with power. You will also learn advanced techniques such as cut backs, as well as complete guide to correct surfing etiquette. You will also have daily video coaching to improve your skills faster. (Please note that there will be 35UDS extra charge for level 3 surf camps).

How can I book?

Booking is made easy with us.

  1. Choose a desired duration
  2. Choose a level of surf lessons – complete beginner, advanced beginner, and intermediate
  3. Pick a date – Our camps start every Monday on selected dates
  4. Fill out the booking form with correct data – Don’t forget your flight number so we can pick you up 🙂
  5. Pay via Paypal – If you do not have a Paypal account, you can choose to pay via Paypal using your credit card without signing up
  6. See you in Bali!